• Grace Kindred

    Grace Kindred

  • Clay


  • Joe Castro

    Joe Castro

    Principled Software Engineer. Sometimes with a different title. Working at TuneIn. My opinions are informed by experience. I write more than I publish.

  • Ken Kuan

    Ken Kuan

  • Nick Toumpelis

    Nick Toumpelis

    Data Protection Officer at Kaching, previously @ Dynamo, Spotify. iOS developer and product owner.

  • Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen

    iOS developer, theater geek, history nerd. Former Bionic Panda. I love San Francisco.

  • Paige Leskin

    Paige Leskin

    Reporting about tech, internet, apps for @businessinsider. @NLGJA member & @MedillSchool alum. Last seen chasing a dog or a soccer ball.

  • Rui Liu

    Rui Liu

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